Family Practice in Key West, FL

Family Practice in Grenada, MS  

Family Practice in Bogalusa, LA

Family Practice in Leesville, LA (Doctor retired, need ASAP)

Family Practice in Three Rivers, TX 

Family Practice in Cedar Park, TX

General Surgeon in Vernal, UT  (hiring now to start in March 2018)  Around $400K a year salary, plus a bonus of 95% of revenue the practice generates, plus pay for call with full benefits package as hospital employee. Signing Bonus available. Call paid if candidate is on 24/7 call. Call is 1:2. B/E, B/C, MD, DO, or FMG with strong communication skills are acceptable candidates. No Visa Candidates. 

OBGYN in Jackson, MS Suburb  Salary up to 250K plus 50% of hospital stay.

OB/GYN in Houston, TX Suburb, (SW part of Houston in nice Suburb.)  (Present Doc moving out of state.)

OB/GYN in Decatur, AL 

Pediatrician in Jackson, MS Suburb, fulltime with benefits, salaried.
















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